Leading-edge high-frequency signal integrity, RF, and microwave design services and automating the build of CAD engineering models.


Introducing PinBuilder: an application to build 3-D electrical package and board models

Offering the following services:

Custom modeling tools to enhance the capabilities of your CAD tools
PCB connector, and package modeling and design
SerDes channel modeling
PCB and related design guides for your high-performance ICs, connectors, etc.
On-site signal and power integrity (SI/PI) training
DDR and other high-speed, single-ended interface simulation
Power integrity and mixed-node design
RF and microwave passive substrate modeling

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Xema was started in 2014 by Mike Degerstrom. Mike has 30+ years of signal integrity design experience beginning in 1985 with wide parallel data memory and bus design. Since 2002, Mike has focused on high-speed SerDes designs. Xema's PinBuilder tool fills in design flow deficiencies for modeling the pin-field and related 3-D structures of the SerDes channel. Now with PinBuilder, complete (ready-to-simulate) full wave models are quickly generated from an easy-to-use GUI interface. Pin-fields and via design constraints can be quickly determined.